Zeus’ Transformations
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Zeus’ Transformations

Europe, Leda, Aegina, Danae, Callisto, and Alcmene – Six women, six ancient Greek myths. The connection between them is the father of gods and humans himself, the almighty Zeus.

“Zeus’ transformations” is a design proposal of different tactual approaches between the subject and the object, in this particular case the user and the mug. It’s a small collection consisting of 6 cups with the same body and different handles. Each handle is inspired by the 6 ancient greek myths, according to which Zeus changes his physical appearance adopting different forms (converting into something different than his divine existence) in order to approach and seduce the women he was in love with. Taurus, Swan, Eagle, Golden Rain, Artemis, and Husband are the transformations that constitute the interface between the user and the mug. Each transformation functions as a design challenge, that sometimes falls into a literal design translation and sometimes into a more conceptual one.


The six Myths

1. Europe

Zeus in order to approach Europe transformed into a calm and strong Bull. Europe came close to the bull started caressing him while she did not hesitate to ride him later on. The bull started to run at the speed of light, crossing the sea and reaching Crete. When they landed on the island, Zeus holding Europe’s hand he led her to the Diktaion cave.

2. Leda

According to mythology, when Zeus saw Leda in Taygetus, he fell in love with her. Zeus asked for help from Aphrodite the goddess. He then transformed into a Swan, while Aphrodite who had taken the form of an eagle was hunting him down. Leda saw the vicious attack of the eagle and feeling sympathy for the swan she saved him by keeping him in her arms.

3. Aegina

The ancient myth says that Zeus fell in love with Aegina who was the youngest and most beautiful daughter of Asopos and Metopi. Zeus felt the need to protect Aegina from the vengeful fury of his wife Hera. He then transformed into an Eagle and grabbed the beautiful daughter transferring her to the desert island of Saronikos, called Oinonis.

4. Danae

King Akrisios had received a prophecy, according to which his grandson would kill him. Feeling threatened he decided to lock his daughter Danae in an underground prison whose walls were lined with metal plates making sure she would never bare a child. However, Zeus fell in love with Danae, and taking the form of Golden Rain he managed to enter the prison from a crack.

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