Quarantine Project
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Quarantine Project

Quarantine Project was developed during the lock down, April 2020, because of covid-19. The main purpose was to keep in balance and being creative. Following the usual rituals of ceramics (create, dry out, kiln, glaze, kiln) and meditate through wheel throwing, was the main way to cope with the extra energy created because of this unprecedented situation that we were placed. Clay has this magic power to absorb all these surplus feelings (positive or negative) that we are not used to manage. The 23 vessels, Quarantine project consists of, were used as a medium to cast away all that energy that they were charged with during their creation, through performing on them, composing a unique soundscape at the Pink Dolphin ceramic lab, improvising and experimenting on different ways of sound compositions.


sound performers: Norcimo ii, R. Totsika, D. Tsiami

sound editing : R. Totsika

The sound of Quarantine Project is fully uploaded:



Each vessel is unique and finished with matte glaze (semi-transparent or blue-black) and carefully signed underneath with our Quarantine’s Project stamp.

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